Private Sessions

Private sessions are available Monday to Friday.

Each session begins with a conversation between you the client and Elaine.  Together, you  will assess your current sense of body and mind.   You and Elaine will evaluate  how effective  Reiki has been so far and set goals for your session.

Sessions, last approximately two hours.  You are comfortably clothed, in a private room, lying on a  padded treatment table with or without soothing music.  Elaine’s hands transfer Reiki  (Universal Life Force energy) by touching your body gently. Reiki  increases your vital energy,  and normalizes function in all systems  of the body improving the quality of your health, emotions, and patterns of thinking.

At the end of a session, many clients report an unusually peaceful and calm state of mind, with expanded inner awareness and enhanced physical comfort.

To make an appointment for a private Reiki session with Elaine, please call the office at (212) 254-5768.


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